Robot is our web crawler.

What is a web crawler

A web crawler is an Internet bot that systematically browses the World Wide Web. Crawlers visit publicly accessible domains and, depending on their purpose, perform a range of actions, such as analyzing keywords and hashtags, indexing page content and URLs, extracting data, and following existing redirects to analyze new websites.

What is user-agent?

User agent is any software, acting on behalf of a user, which retrieves, renders and and provides end-user interaction with websites.

The user-agent of our Crawler is:

Robot/1.0.0 (+

Why the web crawler come to your site?

This can occur for the following reasons

If you want to index your site

  • Go to the Aura website at the link below
  • Paste a link to your website in the input box
  • Pay and after that your site will be indexed
Index your site